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  1. The New Build
    04 Jun, 2018
    The New Build
    Last Year, we have invested more than 30.000€ in the building of the shelter! Half of the money was from my family, the other half was from donations. Unfortunately this Year i cant afford anymore to invest in the project 2. A few months ago I received a call for help from a neighboring town, Vaslui (is 60 km from my shelter). The public shelter Vaslui Killed more than 720 dogs Last Year without anyone knowing about their existance! About cruel conditions that dominate there, I reported
  2. Stop the killing of dogs in Breasta PS
    26 Jul, 2016
    Stop the killing of dogs in Breasta PS
    Please sign the petition Breasta PS have announced a cull of the dogs there.All sponsored dogs will be killed by the 8th August.Starting with 50 new entry dogs and dogs without sponsors in 3 days time.The rescue groups there are working hard to try to find spaces to get the immediate dogs in danger out,if not they will die on Monday.But this killing will not stop there ,on August 1st 80 more will be in danger, but inbetween 250 more will face death.The rescuers cannot keep finding spaces we need
  3. Get Well Soon
    16 Jul, 2016
    Get Well Soon
    Help us get the well we so desperately need. Our biggest project and highest priority now is to drill for water. It is vital for the 300 dogs that they EACH have at least 2 litres of water daily. The weather is scorching. Temperatures are more than 35 degrees every day and their water is boiling in their buckets so we have to change it every 2 hours. It is extremely time consuming and difficult for us to carry 1000 kilograms (1 tonne) of water each day in a car. Washing the kennels is also a
  4. God bless the children
    21 May, 2016
    God bless the children
    Orphans and strays The children give us lessons of life! And not just any kids !!! The orphans from Barlad city's ! They came to help us to work because they believe that these dogs are like them ......without family ! We cleaned , fed them , gave them water , we treat them and we played with them! Thank you beautiful children with big hearts ! Because of you Romania might have a hope ! You are an example !!! All the esteem and our respect for you and for all of you Who are following our posts