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We hope you will find a friend to share your home and your life. 

"Every home should have a dog 
and every dog should have a home"

Please also check our gallery as it will also contain dogs looking for a home (in red frames) but that have not been added here yet (sorry).

  1. Jasper
    Male 2 years old Medium Castrated, vaccinated, saved from an abandoned house from Barlad, after his homeless owner has died, he left by himself. He is sweet, gentle a Charlie Chaplin walking dogs, because his legs arent straight. if you thibnk he will fit in your home please adopt him!
  2. Regina
    Female 5 years old Medium She has a gorgeous personality and is everything you could ever possibly want in a dog. She is gentle and loves people- her favourite past times include giving kisses. Her bags are packed and she is patently waiting her turn to board the happy bus to her new life- could it be with you?
  3. Chance
    Male 1 years old Medium Chance is a beautiful 1 year old male, he was thrown out like rubbish on the side of the road when he was a puppy. Since coming to LH2L he has blossomed into such a clever, playful dog. The only thing he is missing is his own family. Chance is up to date on all vaccines and is waiting for you to take him home! - sponsored by Lisette Fernandes Dias
  4. Bitu
    Male 2 years old Medium Bitu was very traumatized and his days were almost up when LH2L saved him. In time he has learnt to trust people again and has become a very sociable dog who loves attention. He would love people of his own and would fit nicely into any family. There must be someone who has fallen in love with this gorgeous dog?
  5. Barney
    Male 7 years old Medium This is Barney After many enquiries he is still at the LH2L shelter, we would love to find this much deserving dog a loving home. We all thought he would be adopted quickly but unfortunately not. He is such a sweet and loving dog, will do anything for a head rub and chin scratch. Very cuddly and sociable. Could you offer Barney a forever home?
  6. Gembi
    Male 2 years old Medium to large I'm Gembi. I was rescued from a horrible shelter where apparently they didn't like me and didn't want me to live, I try not to think about it : I'm really ready for a home to call my own. I love playing and am very sociable, I have many doggy and human friends at the shelter. Can I please come to your home? I promise to be a good boy. - sponsored by Geta Furat
  7. Erou
    Male 2 years old Large size Castrated, microchiped, saved from PS Focsani from euthanasia. he is a little bit scared dog, but very gentle and cleaver. he need a family who will understand him and love him. would you offer him a forever home? - sponsored by Maxi Haberstroh
  8. Dolphy
    Male 3 years old Husky size Microchiped, castrated, fully vaccinated, saved from euthanasia from the PS Barlad last year, he is waiting to be adopted. he is very gentle and very sociable with the other dogs. If you have a free corner in house for him, he could free a space in our shelter and we can save another one from the death row - sponsored by Dolly Fischer
  9. Azorel
    Male, 4 years old, Small to medium, Castrated, microchipped, vaccinated. He was saved last year from the PS Barlad from euthanasia. He is a very gentle, very cleaver and very protective with his new owner. If you think he is suitable for you please contact us!
  10. Armani
    Male approx. 4 years medium size Saved from euthanasia in the public shelter last year, Armani is still waiting for his forever home. He is gentle and sociable with other dogs an human. - spayed, microchipped, rabies vaccine -
  11. Donald
    Male approx. 8 years medium size Hi ladies and gentleman, I'm Donald I'm 8 years old and a small size. Life has made me very scared of humans so I am looking for an experienced rescue home with someone who has lots and lots of patience - if you remember my friend Hoggy, Im a bit like him, and he found his forever home . Please can anyone find it in their hearts to help me? I would so love a real home, I have never had one. I may be 8 but I still love to play with my 4 legged friends and I get on fine with all other dogs. Ana says I look very much like a small doll and am very cute, I prefer suave but hey ho I'll take what I get given. Do you have a spare corner I could fit in? perhaps a pair of feet that need warming up that I could nap on? sponsored by Kate Walsh
  12. Bertie
    Male approx. 6 years medium size Hi everyone I'm Bertie, I'm 6 years old and medium size. I'm misthing a few teesth but hoomans thstil call me perfect! Can I pleasthe come home wisth you? In case you didn't understand, this is Bertie. He was saved from euthanasia a while ago and has been at LH2L ever since. He is missing a few teeth but that will never hold him back! He's one of the most gentle and affectionate dogs at the shelter and we would all love to see him go to a forever home. He has so much love to give and really deserves a chance. (sponsored by Julia Wells)
  13. Blacky
    Male approx. 4 years large size Hey everyone, I'm Blacky I'm male, 4 years old and am pretty big- a GSD mix. I have been at LH2L for a long time, I think it may be my size putting people off. I may take up the whole sofa or bed BUT at least you'll see me in door ways (apparently that's where dogs in homes like to lie) and also in exchange I can offer lifelong cuddles and love. I like playing with other dogs and love pats. I'm a good boy and would love a home to go to!
  14. Vera
    Female approx. 6 years medium size Saved last year from the public shelter from euthanasia. She is a very gentle and sociable dog and need to be out of the shelter before is to late. She deserve to live her last years of live in a family. would you offer her family and a home?
  15. Sasha
    Female approx. 3 years large size (husky mixed) Saved last year from the public shelter from euthanasia.a very gentle lady, sociable with the other dogs, very clever looking for her forever home. she wish to be out of the kennels
  16. Hunter
    Male approx. 3 years old medium size He used to come in front of the shelter to eat untill one day he decided not to go back on the streets. He has a smiley face, he loves the hugs, very gentle and very sociable. if you want to have a smiley face all the time, please adopt him!
  17. Rock
    Male approx. 3 years medium size Saved from the ps vaslui from euthanasia! he is very sweet and gentle, sociable with the other dogs. If he is adopted we can make spare place for another dog in danger in the ps. Please save 2 lives in the same time! their clock is ticking! - sponsored by Nathalie Junio
  1. Braveheart
    Male, 3 years old, large size, castrated, microchipped, rabies vaccine, very gentle, having a lot of fun with the other dogs and looking to be part of your life. if you like me and you want me, you can find me on LH2L shelter. plese send me a message!